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Bring on the Four-Wheel Articulating Tractors!

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

Burnett Farm Toys Enthusiasts! Welcome to spring and the beginning of a new farming season! Now for us in the toy business, our farming is a year-round occurrence, too. Those in the real-life farming business, spring brings a new opportunity for another year of farming. This also gives us toy farmers the opportunity to watch equipment working which includes the JD 8850 articulating four-wheel drive ripping ground across from my house last week, and it is an incredible sight to see. My thoughts and prayers go out to all farmers for a safe and bountiful season!

Now to the toy farming! We continue to update our website with new products along with items returning to inventory, so feel free to check out the website at for the latest product offerings. Speaking of articulating four-wheel drives, Toy Farmer announced their 2019 National Farm Toy Show tractor as a Minneapolis Moline four-wheel drive articulating tractor. Toy Truck and Contractor magazine also released updated lineart on the Toy Truck and Construction show Pete 359 show truck this week, and it will be a nice set! Please check out our website as we will have both items for sale after each show if you do not get to purchase one at the show or by pre-order. We will also be offering the Pete 359 in other sets later in 2019, so feel free to watch the website for updates.

Once again, thank you for your continued support of Burnett Farm Toys, LLC! ~Christopher Burnett, Owner

P.S. With your permission, I will be a bit philosophical today! Growing up I would hear people say life goes faster the older you get. I would roll my eyes and think to myself what do they know as time is time and it does not speed up or slow down. However, as I have gotten older (celebrating my 46th birthday back in March), I have come to realize how much time does speed up as you get older. Take some time to enjoy the simple things in life, like sitting on your front porch watching the tractors work ground in the spring!

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