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Burnett Farm Toys Transitioning Day-to-Day Operations

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

Burnett Farm Toys, LLC is proud to announce that our day-to-day operations are now transitioning into our new retail/wholesale facility.  Updates regarding our contact information will be posted to our website, blog, and facebook soon.  Please continue to be patient with us as we continue to set up day-to-day operations.  Once day-to-day operations are fully up and going, we will begin setting up our showroom.  We are hoping to have the showroom open in mid/late August.  Please be patient with us during this transition period as we may be slower to ship orders and update new products to the website.  We are very excited about this transition period, and look forward to sharing with our farm toy / toy truck family.

~Christopher Burnett, Owner  

P.S. Growing up in Kentucky, you always had a Beverly Hillbillies reference when moving.  With this in mind, as we have begun to move into the building, it was like the Clampetts run a farm toy business.  While our moving techniques may be red-neck-ish, we get the job done.  We did not even have to strap Granny or any toy tractors to the top of the truck during the moving process - so far!  

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