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Farm Toy and Truck Family

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

Even blogging aficionados (like Christopher Burnett) need a substitute blogger from time-to-time.  While Chris is utilizing his time cutting on tractors for preparing a batch of pullers, he’s entrusted me to present you this week’s blog!  Here goes:

It’s great when people can find a commonality between each other in life.  For us, the farm toy collecting is just that – one big family.  We love seeing you at shows, out in communities, visiting our website, contacting us, checking up on the latest happenings, etc.!  The farm toy family is a family we’re proud to be a part of!  No matter how much time and distance may come between us, farm toys can always strike up topics of interesting conversation which never lead to dull, boring get-togethers!

Chris did want me to let you know that we are continuing to post new items to the website and adding items back in stock that were once out-of-stock.  And, we will be releasing information on our next DCP truck release next week, so keep watching the blog posts, the website, and our Facebook posts for that information.

Also, for those who may be curious as to an update on our new building project - Chris wanted to get through the MATS show in Louisville, KY a couple week ago before getting too involved in the project.  Now that we only have one farm toy show this month and no shows in May, we can get more serious about talking to builders and getting the new building project rolling.  Please bear with us in this new endeavor.  We’re planning on being in the building for 20+ years, therefore, it’s not something we’re going to rush into.  We’ll continue to keep you posted!

Again, thanks so much for letting us be a part of your farm toy family!  We really do appreciate you all!  ~Alissa Burnett  

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