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Farm Toys Are Sprouting!!!

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

It is a wonderful late spring here in the Kentucky, and the farm toy hobby is going strong! The farm toy hobby normally takes a back seat during warm weather. Burnett Farm Toys however is even busier than usual! We are preparing to do antique tractor shows in Evansville, IN and Osgood, IN in the month of June, and we hope to have good weather for each! Please come by and see us at either show if you are in the area.

New products continue to come into stock including farm toys, Greenlight, and tractor/trailers. Please continue to check the website for new product listings. We are also going through farm toy collections that we bought last year. We will bring those items with us to upcoming shows as we work through them. These items will not be posted to the website as they are “one of” items, and once I sell a toy collection product, I may not be able to get any more of that kind.

I was in Iowa at Spec Cast, Tomy, and First Gear a couple of weeks ago, and discussed if the tariff would be affecting the prices of farm toys. It was stated to me by Spec Cast and First Gear that the tariff would become effective June 15th if it is not lifted. Even with the tariffs looming, we at Burnett Farm Toys, LLC are very optimistic about the future of the farm toy hobby!

Burnett Farm Toys, LLC is also continuing to work on plans for our retail/wholesale facility, and we will update you as plans develop.

Once again, thank you for your continued support of Burnett Farm Toys, LLC, and Lord Bless you and your family!  ~Christopher Burnett, Owner

P.S. I recently spoke with a farmer in northwest Iowa that is also a farm toy dealer. He mentioned the rainy weather issues they were having this spring has kept them out of the fields, and only allowed about 2/3rd of their corn crop to be planted. I told him I was glad I was a toy farmer and he was the real farmer as I do not think my nerves could handle that. I did get a slight chuckle from him as he mentioned they would do the best they could. Another farmer in Indiana mentioned he has never seen it this late in the year and nothing has been worked in his area. Please remember all farmers along with those affected by the spring storms. Lord Bless!

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