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First Batch of Kenworth W900A In-Stock

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

As my brother likes to say, “We are busier than a paper hanger in a windstorm” and judging by the way the wind is blowing in Kentucky today, it would keep any paper hanger busy!  Thank goodness we are inside as sorting toys outside would not be enjoyable at all today!  Thankfully, we are inside and busy picturing and posting new product, checking inventory to re-stock the website and store, and preparing to ship orders. 

We are proud to announce the first batch of Kenworth A Models have arrived!  These five are either 36-inch or 60-inch sleepers with Heavy Haul Lowboys and are now available for purchase at .  (See picture below)  The next batch of Kenworth A models will be in-stock and available late next week.  The second batch were delayed due to the snowstorm that hit Iowa this week.  Please feel free to watch the website as well as our blog and Facebook postings for more updates.     

The H&M Express and Hilton Trucking Kenworth K100 Livestocks are on the same pallet as the second batch of Kenworth A models.  These will also be in next week, and we will begin posting them late next week, as well. 

We appreciate all who visit us in our store and/or our website.  We continue to stock/re-stock the store’s shelves and website, so check back with us often.    

As always, thank you for your continued support of Burnett Farm Toys, LLC! 

Christopher Burnett, Owner

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