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Gearing Up For Summertime Shelf Stocking

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

We recently purchased a farm toy, toy truck, and construction inventory from a retiring toy dealer.  As we sort through the inventory, we will be posting more information on this inventory in the coming weeks.  If there's anything you may be interested in or are looking for a particular item to add into your own collection, please feel free to contact us.

With it being vacation season, we have had several customers/collectors passing through the area that have stopped in our store, and it has been wonderful to see them and visit with them!  If you are passing by our area on your way to your vacation destination, please stop by and see us!

The first picture below is of a Mack Superliner 60-inch with a Talbert Lowboy and two Superliner Day Cabs with Fuel Tankers.  The second picture below is of the Gold Nugget Kenworth W900A with Refrigerated Trailer and KLLM Transport Services Kenworth K100 COE Aerodyne with 40-foot Refrigerated Trailer.  All five of these sets are posted to the website for purchase and are available in our in-person store, as well.  The Superliner sets are sold as set, cab only, and trailer only.  The Gold Nugget and KLLM Transport are sold as sets only.

We will be re-stocking the website and posting new product in the coming weeks, so stay-tuned!

We thank you for your continued support of Burnett Farm Toys, LLC!

~Christopher Burnett, Owner

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