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Happy Friday 13th from Burnett Farm Toys, LLC!

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

Happy Friday the 13th!  While most view 13 as an unlucky number, our Founding Fathers considered it to be a lucky number due to there being 13 original colonies in the United States.  I'm a history buff and just a cesspool of knowledge!  LOL!

Now to farm toys - We are receiving positive input about the new website, and thanks to those who've reached out to us.  It lets us know that we are on the right track!  We will continue posting new products (normally on non-toy show Fridays).  Please continue to check back for updates and new products.  I am currently busy in the shop with custom orders as well as custom items for stock and inventory.  I will also be advertising a new DCP run of trucks later this month, and they will arrive in mid-August.  Once again, thank you for visiting our website.  Christopher Burnett, Owner

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