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Inner Carpentry Skills

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

I had to dig deep for some inner carpentry skills but I think the crafted pegboard turned out as planned.  Quite different from the 1/64 scale custom building skills I've acquired over the years!  We plan to have several pegboards dividing the store's isles for displaying carded items.

The four new semi truck sets that were posted and pictured in the previous blog have all been added to the website for purchase, including the individual cabs and individual trailers.  Pictured below are two Auto World pickup trucks and one of Greenlight's Bigfoot monster trucks that has been added to the website, as well.

We'll keep you updated on the products being added to the website and how the storefront is coming along.  Tune in next week as we'll hopefully have more toys on more shelves!  ~Christopher Burnett, Owner

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