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Just Arrived - Nine New DCP / First Gear Tractor-Trailer Sets

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

It's great to see farmers around our area taking advantage of the beautiful dry and warmer weather we've been having these past several days with a lot of activity in the fields!  Despite my spring allergies, I enjoy springtime for getting to watch tractors and equipment work the land!

We received a contract for the Jasper, Indiana show in November and have posted details for that show and other upcoming shows onto our Toy Shows page at  We are excited for the opportunity to get more consistent toy shows going and look forward to seeing everyone we can!

We have had nine DCP / First Gear tractor-trailer sets come in (see the three below pictures).  The sets have been posted to the website for purchase and are available in our in-person store.  At this time, they are sold as sets only.  We will know in the next few weeks if we will have enough stock to offer them as cabs only and trailers only as well.  But for now, they are sold as sets only.

Next weekend, we will go back to delving into the archives of the warehouse to post in-stock products that haven't yet made it to the website!  I haven't even looked in the next tote to see what those items will be, so we'll just find out together then!

We appreciate everyone who shops with us online, emails us, calls us, and/or sees us in person!  We appreciate your continued support of Burnett Farm Toys, LLC!

~Christopher Burnett, Owner  

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