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Life After Taxes - Bring On The Farm Toys!

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

Dear Farm Toy Enthusiasts,

As you can tell by the title of this post, we at Burnett Farm Toys are proud to say we've completed our 2018 year-end paper work and taxes.  While it is not an enjoyable event, it does have to be completed.  Now that we've completed this, we can get back to the important things such as: buying, selling, collecting, and building farm toys and toy trucks.  I would like to thank everyone who came by to see us at the Lafayette/Indy show last weekend.  We are now in high gear preparing for the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky March 28th-30th.  Please stop by if you're at the show and say "hello", as well as check out our newest toy truck releases.  

Burnett Farm Toys is proud to announce that the Kenworth K100 Long Frame releases are in at 1st Gear and will begin shipping to dealers middle to late next week.  We will be posting these items to our website early April.  

There are some new farm toy items that are coming onto the market now, and we will have these available on the website soon, as well as at upcoming toy shows.  

We are continually adding new products to the website, so please be patient with us and check back from time-to-time to view new items along with items that may be back in stock.  

Once again, I would like to thank everyone for supporting Burnett Farm Toys!

~Christopher Burnett, Chairman

Burnett Farm Toys, LLC

P.S. How is it as we get older, change becomes more difficult.  I'm not talking something important like technology, I'm actually referring to the time change.  I do not mind the time change, but why do we always have to change on long farm toy show weekends?  We spring forward during the Lafayette/Indy show and fall back during the Dyersville National Farm Toy Show.  While I do not mind the extra hour of sleep in the fall, but losing that hour of sleep in the spring is especially tough!  It is even tougher when after a long, hard, yet wonderfully enjoyable day of selling farm toys, you decide to go back to your hotel room after supper and relax.  I don't know how this happens, but someone always stops me to talk on my way back to the room.  One conversation leads to another and not only did you lose an hour of sleep because of time change, but you've also sat around and talked half the night.  I would not have missed out on those enjoyable and entertaining conversations for nothing, but I think it has taken a week to recover!

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