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Making Progress On Our Website

Posted by Christopher Burnett on


  I once read an article that said if you are doubting doing something, try it for seven minutes. Within that time, you will most likely become interested in completing the task and will see it through to the end. The reason I mention that is when we first began building and adding product to our new/current website, I became quite overwhelmed. I had also decided that we may never see a light at the end of the tunnel. Even though a website is always being updated, I did not think it would come to a point that all (or at least most) of the product that was going to be posted to the website would be posted. I am proud to say that we are nearing that point.

  We are making progress on our website to the point we say it is complete. The semi sets/cabs/trailers are almost complete (not counting new items that will be coming in over the next few weeks). We will be adding Standi items such as bins, augers, and grain handling equipment. We will also be adding Ertl barn sets along with Ertl animal packs/sets. Finally, we will be adding Moore’s Farm Toys products such as header trailers, v-rippers, 3-point hitches, and accessories. Please continue to check out our website at for updates and new products.

  Some of you may ask about the custom categories of the website, and how it has very little in-stock product and has not been updated recently. Custom pieces are what got me started in the toy hobby/business, and it is still my favorite part of the hobby/business. We had excellent shows in the fall/winter 2018 and spring of this year, which means I have sold out of almost all custom pieces but have started more custom products in the works. Please be patient with me as I continue to complete these, and I am a one man show when it comes to custom building. I however look forward to the finished products that will be ready in late summer/early fall and even into winter shows.

  I once again would like to thank each person that visits our website, sees us at shows, or speaks with us on the phone. Without you the collector, we would not be able to continue this business. Once again, Thank You Very Much! Lord Bless!


P.S. Ground squirrels are annoying! They are destructive to plants and dig holes along foundations of houses (at least ours anyway). It is very interesting what homemade traps you read about on the internet. I have not caught my ground squirrel yet, but I did get a mouse that had been scratching in the walls of our house. You take your victories where you can!

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