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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

  As the saying goes better late than never, so Merry Christmas from Burnett Farm Toys, LLC! I wish everyone a happy and blessed Christmas season! Please take time to enjoy this wonderful time of year, and spend time with family and friends! Eat all you want as my dad informed me that nothing during the holiday season has calories, so you can eat until your heart's (and stomachs) content! He did say it while grabbing a piece of Christmas candy. I did not tell him otherwise as I did not want to ruin his Christmas culinary delights!

  I want to thank everyone that purchased from us this holiday season, and helped to make this our best Christmas sales season ever!

  As you can tell, our website inventory has gotten low over the past few months, and we will be working on restocking in the upcoming weeks. There will also be new products becoming available soon as we continue into the winter/spring toy show season. Feel free to check back from time to time for updates and new products for purchase. New products that will be posted soon include Pete 359 hoppers, Pete 389 Walker milk tankers, and Pete 389 Walinga feed trailers. We also received KW K100 long frames with stepdeck boom trailers, Pete 359 livestocks, and Greenlight International straight grain trucks.

  There will be many farm toy shows in the upcoming months, so please come out and enjoy the shows. We will be attending the Lexington KY tractor pull, Lynn IN show, and Gateway St. Louis show in upcoming months. If you are not near these areas, check out shows near you!

  Once again, thank you for your continued support of the farm toy hobby and Burnett Farm Toys, LLC! 

Christopher Burnett, Owner

P.S. As you enjoy visiting family and friends over the holiday season, do not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and live life no matter how goofy you look or sound! While attending a holiday gathering this week, the older adults ate in the formal dining room while us younger adults (I am proud to say I am still in that category) ate in the kitchen area. We finished eating earlier than the other room, so someone suggested charades. At first I did not know about it, but I finally gave in. We played it a little different as each person had to write three cards with things or actions and put them in a hat. I really got creative as I remembered my favorite episode of “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” when they acted out a cowboy riding a pterodactyl along with two other crazy events. After we finished, I realized my suggestions got the most laughs and conversations. I have since gotten several chuckles looking back on it myself!

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