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New Holland 1/64 Scale Pulling Tractors

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

We have added two new 1/64 Scale New Holland Pulling Tractors (pictured below) to  The details are as follows:

Item #47420 New Holland Blue Power Pulling Tractor - 1/64 Scale - Ertl / Tomy for $10.00;

Item #47421 New Holland Genesis T8 Series Tractors Pulling Tractor - 1/64 Scale - Ertl / Tomy for $10.00.

We have four new John Deere tractors that will be added to our website sometime this week.  We also have new tractor-trailer sets that have just arrived that we'll be adding to the website soon, as well.  We will keep you informed of when these products and more become available on our website.  Until then, Happy Toy Farming and Toy Trucking!

Thank You for your continued support of Burnett Farm Toys, LLC!

~Christopher Burnett, Owner

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