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Spring Cleaning - Second Box Down

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

Pictured below are five DCP / First Gear Kenworth K100 COEs with Tandem Axle High Sided Hopper Bottom Grain Trailers.  These five semi truck sets, along with the cabs only and trailers only, have been posted to for purchase and are also available for purchase in our in-person store, as well.  The sets are at $90 each, the cabs only are at $65 each, and the trailers only are at $40 each. 

The next spring cleaning items of the first of four totes will be posted in a couple of weeks.  These items will include ten Kenworth T800 Day Cabs with the 34-foot Pacesetter Hopper Bottom Grain Trailers.  We will also be inserting some farm toy products in the mix, as well.         

There are several new items coming from DCP / First Gear as dealer/distributor releases.  These have been delayed due to shipping containers being delayed on the West Coast.  Please check back in the next few weeks as they should be arriving in-stock late-April to early-May.  There are also several new farm toy items that have recently become available and we will be posting those to the website soon.  So stay-tuned to new items being posted as well as the posting of the items in the four remaining totes from our spring cleaning of the warehouse!

We thank you for your continued support of Burnett Farm Toys, LLC!  

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