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Still Productive, Even When It Storms

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

We have had several rounds of severe weather storms today (no damage).  While it has slowed progress on the computer, I have accomplished much needed time in the shop.  We will continue posting new products to the website, so feel free to check back.  I will also be posting (within the next week) information on either our facebook page or on the website regarding our latest release from DCP.  

I will continue building stock for our upcoming August/September shows.  Come by and check us out as there are some items we will have at shows that do not get posted to the website.  We look forward to seeing you at our shows!

We would like to thank each person that has visited our website, and please continue to check back for future updates and new products.  Once again, thank you very much!  Christopher Burnett - Owner

P.S. Don't peel oranges with cracked fingertips as that makes for an un-enjoyable lunch - BUT the oranges were quite good!  Hazards of working with small parts and tools. 

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