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Survived and Enjoyed the National Farm Toy Show!

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

I would like to thank everyone for stopping to see us at the National Farm Toy Show in Dyersville, Iowa last weekend.  The first half of the weekend was great weather, while the second half gave us rain that flooded our tent.  I am glad to say we were on the high ground end of the tent (sorry for the poor dealers on the other end and middle of the tent).  Even with loading out of the tent early on Sunday due to water, it was still a great weekend.  The farm toy hobby is alive and well, and thanks to each person that adds to the excitement of the hobby!

We will be in Rushville, Indiana this weekend, so please stop by and see us.  

We are continuing to add new items to the website, so please continue to check back from time to time.  -Christopher Burnett, Burnett Farm Toys, LLC

P.S. When your Heat/AC service man works on your system, be sure that the system is working properly before he leaves.  Paint, glue, and JB Weld take longer to dry when a house is too cool.

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