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The Dog Days of Farm Toys

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

The dog days of summer are in full force here in Kentucky as we are hot and dry! Feel free to stay in where it is cool and enjoy the farm toy hobby! We have been at shows the past two weeks, and are just now getting things caught up including website updates and adding new product to the website. There are several new items that will be pictured and posted to the website in the next few weeks, so feel free to check back from time to time as those items are posted.


There are several custom pieces that are on the workbench now, and will be completed for late summer/fall shows. A lot of these items do not get posted to the website so feel free to check out our shows to view and purchase these items.


I am proud to say that the tariffs have been put on hold, so there will not be a price increase this fall. We hope the negotiations go well, and this problem is resolved permanently.


We will be announcing our next DCP tractor/trailer release information later this month, so feel free to watch our blog for that information. We do not post those items for sale on the website until they are in stock and ready to ship, but please keep watch for updates.


Once again thank you for your continued interest in the farm toy hobby, and for your continued support of Burnett Farm Toys, LLC!  ~Christopher Burnett, Owner


P.S. Now that I mentioned the dog days of summer, be careful what you say as you may end up eating your words! Back in the winter when I was wearing thermals to work in the trailer at 11 degrees above zero, I told my wife I would not complain at all when it gets hot this summer. Now that it is getting into those multiple days of 90 plus temperatures, I am complaining about the heat and am ready for some cool days!

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