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The History of the Blue Roof

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

"Come to the building with the blue roof".  That's what we'll tell everyone to come to when our building is complete.  We were originally thinking of a red roof but then wanted something to stand out among the other businesses in the area - so, the blue roof was born!

See the end of the blog for two pictures of Week 3's building progress.

Hope everyone is staying healthy during this time of Covid-19! 

As you may have seen on our FB post on 4-29-2020, the GATS show in Dallas has been cancelled for August 2020. We are highly disappointed, but understand it is for the safety of all attendees. We look forward to an even bigger and better GATS 2021!

Right now, all shows have been cancelled through the end of June 2020.  Updates for shows after July 1st will be provided in coming weeks.

We want to thank everyone that has ordered from our website! We continue to post new items including several new Greenlight items this week, and new farm toy and DCP/FG items in the coming weeks.

During this time away from shows, we continue to get custom items built up as well as completing some custom orders that have been sitting in the shop for quite a while. As I have been telling a lot of people, we are making the best of a bad situation!

Our retail/wholesale facility for Burnett Farm Toys, LLC is coming along nicely. Please continue to check back for updates regarding progress as we hope to be moved in sometime this summer!

I thank everyone for your continued support of Burnett Farm Toys, LLC! Without our collector friends and family, this wonderful hobby and business would not be possible! Stay Healthy and Safe! Lord Bless!  ~Christopher Burnett, Owner

P.S. A trip down memory lane (or amnesiac lane as Robin Williams referred to it in the movie "Dead Poets Society") can be an interesting one! I have been catching up on some books I have wanted to read for years now during this slower time without travel, and went through my Mom and Dad's closets trying to find some Civil War books I received for Christmas while in college. I did not find those, but found my high school senior picture along with several years of yearbooks from my younger days. It is amazing how someone can change, yet stay the same over all these years. Looking back, I had no idea of all the experiences the good Lord had in store for me in my 47 years of life. Whether you look back at the past or look ahead to the future, enjoy the time the Lord has blessed us with.  Make the most of this time in our lives as there are so many blessings to enjoy, even in this time of sickness in our country!


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