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Two Mysteries Now Revealed

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

In our last blog, we mentioned that we had two more tractor/trailer sets to come in on the pallet we'd received.  Well, those two sets are now posted at for purchase and also available in our store.  The first set is a C R England Kenworth W900A with 40-foot Vintage Refrigerator Trailer.  The second set is a Hammett Excavating Peterbilt 389 with Fontaine Magnitude Lowboy.  (See the two pictures below.)  

It sure was tempting to forego the snow shoveling at the store to blowing up the snow tube for sledding these past days.  But, we did the responsible adult thing and came to work instead!  Thanks to Gary Moore for clearing our parking lot as it sure cut down on a LOT of shoveling!!!!!

Many thanks for your continued support of Burnett Farm Toys, LLC!  

~Christopher Burnett, Owner


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