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Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!!!

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

To borrow a phrase from the tv show “Welcome Back Kotter”, I would like to welcome all our Burnett Farm Toys' patrons back to our blog! It has been a while as we have been at shows or out of town on our normal designated days to blog. Today I have made an exception and am writing this prior to the Lafayette farm toy show at Indianapolis. Please stop by the show if you get a chance this weekend as it is a great show to attend. The variety of items along with the displays makes it a must-see event.

I would like to thank all those that continue to check out our website. Please be patient with us as we update and add new items. There will be many new DCP and First Gear items coming in the next few weeks, and we are especially excited about our KW K100 long frame release that has been in the works since spring 2018. There are also new farm toy releases that we will be posting. Please check back in the coming weeks.

Once again, I would like to thank you for reading our blog and visiting . Have a blessed weekend!

Christopher Burnett, Owner 

Burnett Farm Toys, LLC


P.S. It is amazing how the mind will bring memories back to you. I visited a friend of mine’s church tonight, and a former high school teacher of ours was the Bible study leader. I flashed back when he mentioned that our test to begin the class was on the table in front of us (and boy was that a true flashback). Even though he was just joking, it brought back some not-so-fond memories of Spanish class. During the study, our former teacher Mr. Perry referenced a classmate of ours that kept things interesting in class. Our classmate once raised his hand in class and asked Mr. Perry if he had been shaving while grading his test. Mr. Perry answered “no” with a puzzled response. Our classmate then stated that he knew Mr. Perry had cut himself shaving while grading his test as there was an excessive amount of red on that paper. HA HA!!! I do not know if Mr. Perry or our classmate would remember the story, but it sure brings a smile to my face from time to time!

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