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The Farm Toy Hobby Offers Relief In Times of Concern!

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

Greetings Farm Toy Collectors and Hobby Enthusiasts! We at Burnett Farm Toys, LLC are proud to let you know that we are here and open for business! During this time of unknowns in our country and the world, each person needs some relief from the worries of life! Farm toy collecting has been an enjoyment and stress relief for collectors and hobby enthusiasts for years, and it is still here! We understand that our everyday routines are currently limited due to health concerns, and we can still keep some normalcy to our lives. While we cannot currently gather for shows, we can still enjoy looking at pictures of products on the internet as well as connecting with collectors through technology during this time. We at BFT, LLC are normally slow this time of year about updating our website and posting blogs due to our busy show schedule. Since shows have been cancelled, we are working diligently to post new products to the website as well as post more information on blogs in order for collectors to stay informed with the hobby! Please continue to check back with us for news and updates.

As I mentioned, we have a lot of new products to picture and post to the website. Normally we are busy prepping for the Louisville KY MATS show, but with that being cancelled we are currently picturing and posting new products that normally do not get posted until after the show. There are also some products that I held for the show that will now be posted to the website in the coming weeks. New products include 2 Pete 359 day cab hoppers, 5 Pete 379 reefers, 2 Pete Acord tankers, 4 Pete 389 Lode King hoppers, 3 Pete 389 tri axle hoppers, Vermeer bi-directional drill, 3 CAT construction pieces, numerous Greenlight items including the Ram stake bed and dump bed pickups and NEW gooseneck livestock trailers, and numerous farm toy items. Please be patient with us as we get these items pictured and posted, and feel free to email if you have any questions. 

For those of you interested, China is beginning to resume to normal production in their factories. This means there will be some delay in new items reaching the market in 2020. As the saying goes, better late than never. First Gear/DCP factory is running about 80% production with a container leaving in early April to arrive in mid-May. Greenlight factory came online a couple weeks ago with a container of products leaving last week, and SpecCast factory came online in late Feb. with a container leaving early March. Once again, please be patient with the manufacturers as well as with us as dealers during this delay in product coming to the market. 

Many of you have asked how our building is progressing. The builder began digging footers last week, and the plumber began laying piping this week. They are hoping to begin pouring concrete next week. We are still hoping to have our retail/wholesale building completed in late summer to early fall 2020. Please continue to check back for updates.

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support of Burnett Farm Toys, LLC! During this time of economic concern, it is small businesses that are hurt the most. Please continue to support small businesses as much as possible, and we will all bounce back from this even stronger than before!

P.S. During this time of concern, you hear about plenty of acts of kindness! Take some time to do something nice for someone, and also take time to do something nice for yourself! Whether it be cooking a recipe you have wanted to try for a long time or reading a Toy Farmer or Puller magazine that has been sitting by your recliner too long (boy does that one hit home for me!!!), please take time to do it! People are scared of what they do not know about. Do not let that fear control you and hinder you from living life! This week I watched the Presidential update on the virus, and it was concerning. What was worse it was raining here in Kentucky during that time which made it even more depressing! A short time after that, the sun popped out and the birds began singing! Even with the health concerns, the sun still shined and the birds still chirped and sang! God is in control, and our Lord Jesus Christ is still on the throne of salvation! Take peace in knowing there is peace in time of need! Lord Bless!

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