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Life is busy! Take Time for Farm Toys!

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

I know it has once again been a long time since I have posted a blog, so thank you for being patient with me as I have had to be patient with myself! It seems my to-do list each day gets to be a weeklong to-do list instead of a daily to-do list, but that is alright. I told a customer today that at least if you are farther along at the end of the day than you were when you started the day, you call it a good day! That is definitely the case with Burnett Farm Toys, LLC!

  We are getting into the heart of fall toy show season, so please take some time to visit a farm toy show to enjoy the new products for sale along with older release items that may also be available. This also gives you a chance to catch up with toy dealers and fellow collectors you may not have seen in a while. Thanks to all that braved the elements and harsh weather to attend the National Farm Toy Show in Dyersville this year! The conditions were tough, but the show was fantastic as always! We have several more shows coming up in the next few weeks, so please come by and see us!

  There are several new items in stock including Diecast Masters CAT construction equipment, Vermeer round baler, and re-release Kinze 16 row planters. The 2019 NFTS MM A4T-1600 and 2019 NFTM AC D21 are also available for sale. We have several DCP/FG items that have been recently released including the Pete 379 heavy hauls, KW W900L Renegade, KW W900L Heil pneumatic, and Pete 359 TT&C Blue Leasing. Please feel free to continue to watch the website for these and other new products as we continue to post them in the upcoming weeks.

  We will also be posting information on our latest releases including Pete 359 36” hoppers, Pete 389 63” Walker milk tankers, and Pete 389 70” Walinga feed trailers. We will also be posting the Pete 359 60” livestocks from DC Toy Trucks.

  We are also proud to say that the architect plans for our retail/wholesale facility for BFT, LLC have been submitted to the state of KY for approval. Pending no issues we look forward to breaking ground in spring 2020 and hope to have it open for business in summer/fall 2020. Please continue to watch the website for continued updates.

  As you can tell things are hopping here at Burnett Farm Toys, LLC, and thanks for taking time to spend some time with us! Happy Farm Toy Collecting!


P.S. As the saying goes, patience is a virtue! Unfortunately, as we get older and time goes faster, our time and patience get shorter! I once heard the great Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz say “it is better to be patient in traffic, than to be a patient in the hospital”. I chuckle about that each time I get frustrated and my patience runs short. Please take Lou’s suggestion, and be a little more patient in life!

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