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Light at the End of the Showroom Opening Tunnel

Posted by Christopher Burnett on

Greetings Farm Toy and Toy Truck Collectors! One saying I refer to is "there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it is not a freight train"! That is the case for our storefront showroom opening to the public. It has been a daunting task to set it all up, and for those of you that have seen me at shows know how particular I am about how my display is set up. Unfortunately my family members especially know that first hand! With that being said, we will announce our grand opening date soon! Please continue to watch our Blog and Facebook postings for the latest updates!
We continue to post new items to our website as well as restocking items that may have sold out in the past! There are plenty of new products coming out including 64th JD 8RX 410, Greenlight items, and numerous FG/DCP truck items. Please continue to check back as we get these items posted!
Our first Greenlight release of Chevy Silverado 3500 flatbed duallys with flatbed gooseneck trailers will be arriving in the next week or so. Please watch the website when they are in stock and ready for purchase.
As you will notice on our "Toy Shows" page, there are a few shows beginning to be scheduled for fall. Please continue to watch the website for more information on these. We are excited to get back out and visit with fellow collectors! 
Once again, we thank everyone that continue to support our business! Whether it be through online sales, toy shows, or our soon to be open storefront showroom, we appreciate all customers we come in contact with! Happy Farm Toy and Toy Truck Collecting! Thank You and Lord Bless!
Christopher Burnett - Owner of Burnett Farm Toys, LLC
P.S. I recently got to attend my 5 year old niece's first soccer game. It was wonderful to see her and the other young ones out there running around and trying to kick the ball! They may not always know what to do other than kick the ball, but they were out there having fun just the same! At one point of the game, the coach had her sit out so other players could have a chance to play, and she was just clapping for her teammates! It is interesting the lessons we learn from kids. I think we all need to encourage those around us more to succeed! Whether it is the little victories like kicking a ball when it comes close to us, or just cheering on your fellow friends as they kick the ball! Enjoy everyone's victories! 

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